We have an overwhelming influx of ban appeals on an hourly basis. Due to this and only having a handful of volunteer based staff processing appeals, you will not receive a reply from us directly. Appeals are processed on a first come first serve basis, you will not receive any indication as to whether your ban has been removed or not, just try and log back into the chat rooms a few hours or a day later. Most importantly, If you do not provide a detailed report accompanied with screenshots if necessary, it will be deleted with no indication.

  • Understand your ban will not be processed by the moderator which banned you, appeals with content such as "please let me back in it was a mistake and it wont happen again" are immediately deleted and left banned.
  • Public Wifi, Multiple users in a house hold, shared internet connections are not grounds for ban removals. You will remain banned and your appeal it will not be processed if "someone else" on your internet connection got you banned by mistake.
  • If your ban has VPN/Proxy in the message DO NOT select the category "I was banned unfairly and wish to appeal" select the category "VPN/Proxy ban".
  • Ensure you paste the ban message in the Appeal information text box, include the date and time of your ban if you have it.
Attach screenshots if necessary (Max 5) (JPEG or PNG allowed)